Playmobil 5889 Knights Playset: Wolf Knight And Catapult

5889 Knights Playset Wolf Knight


Model: 5889

Are you looking to get a new building set? 5889 Knights Playset: - a great Playmobil building set by Playmobil is an increadibly fun Playmobil building set. I in fact loved that the product had includes a knight figure, two wolves, working catapult, and other accessories. Additional features consist of 28 pieces and playmobil knights playset 5889. It weighs somewhere around 0.46 lbs. Buying a 5889 Knights Playset: .

Playmobil Knights Playset 5889 - Wolf Knight and Fire Catapult. Age 4+ Includes a figure, two wolves, working catapult, together with other accessories. Help the Wolf Knight fire the catapult. 28 pieces.


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